March 27, 2014

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First nation chief says proposed wind farm encroaches on hunting grounds First nation chief says proposed wind farm encroaches on hunting grounds A proposed wind farm will encroach on locations hunting grounds, members of fort bill first nation say. Chief philip collins, band councillors and members of fort william first nation were among the more than 170 guests in horizon wind inc.'s second renewable power Application meeting at Fort William Country Club Wednesday. Members of the first nation community stood over a map writing about turbine locations with project manager nhung nguyen.Collins said some turbine establishments, like one consist of east of sawdust lake, are on the first nation's residences. "They're encroaching on those lands and that is where they(First nation associates)Hunt the moose on a yearly basis.Every last single fall, collins expressed. Although horizon wind has said consult with fort william first nation has happened, collins said a meeting with council is not like full consultations. "One of the points we keep telling(Horizon force of the breezes inc.Ceo anthony zwig)And his group is every time he meets with us our council is not a session process.We possess members.If it's going to have an effect on our traditional lands then they have to have a consultation process done with our members, he was quoted saying. The main said another issue is a 50 year agreement, signed 11 often, with thunder bay for first right of refusal to select the land being leased to horizon. "We're in kind of a catch 22 experience here now.We've pretty much lost our thoughts we had, collins explained. "With wind wind generators on it, we're not going to acquire it now, Zwig Pandora Beads said discussions with the fort william first nation are a consistent process. "That's amazing, we just met with them last week and we've met with the council a number of times and have had meetings and discussions with many of them over generations, zwig mentioned. But group councillor leo bannon sr.Said horizon needs to talk with all 1, 800 first nation subscibers, not alone the council. "We run the reserve for this guitar rock band, not to live in, bannon recounted. Bannon said the majority of the members of the first nation hunt, trap or at least eat the meat from those basic lands. "Once a bunch of those turbines Pandora Enamel Beads go up the moose are inclined to leave and they ain't going to let us go in there and hunt, bannon announced. And if discussion doesn't occur, bannon said a protest contrary to the proposed wind farm might be necessary. "We'll go to the ministry and the governments to fight this"He explained. Zwig said a meeting will be fulfilled between horizon and the first nation once a date can be agreed on. The company is also setting up a ending up in members of the nor'wester mountain escarpment protection committee.If the city had a pre-Existing agreement, with fwfn which they breached by accepting an agreement with horizon.Further it greatly increases horizon's chances of successful litigation from city if it goes to court.Such as a hundred other possible legal scenarios, none good for the city. Nvjgu states: Those wind mills are ugly and nobody want's uncover out them.There's nothing in it for anybody having those thing's there or anywhere unless somehow it can reduse hydro bill's, which decades.

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